Top 5 Crypto News: 02/05

At the time of press, Bitcoin is trading close to $37,862. Meanwhile the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,704.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

DappRadar | MyEtherWallet Partnership To Introduce Smart Search Feature Within the MEW Wallet App

DappRadar partnered with MyEtherWallet to interject a smart search feature within the MEW wallet app which allows users to swiftly access dApps from their mobile device. Additionally, users can also view and examine old projects which have launched years ago. Furthermore, users can track the performance of projects and also explore new projects to invest in.

Metal Pay Makes Charter Application To Become a National Bank in the U.S.

Metal Pay has filed a charter application to become the first crypto company to seek a national bank charter in the United States. Metal Pay has created the Blockchain Bank & Trust, which will operate in all 50 states if the charter is approved. According to the tweet, this innovative step will facilitate new users to explore the decentralized economy. Additionally, it will also provide a lot of features such as crypto transactions, digital assets services, and many more.

Bondly Finance Launches BondSwap (BSwap) To Simplify the Escrow Process for fDigital or Physical Goods

Bondly Finance has announced the launch of BondSwap (BSwap) to simplify the escrow process. According to the official blog, BSwap will offer an OTC trading portal that works directly on-chain. Additionally, it will allow users to sell a large order of a low liquidity token without any risk of slippage.

IoTeX Joins Executive Committee of the China Mobile IoT Alliance To Unfold IoT Solutions

IoTeX has announced it has joined the Executive Committee of the China Mobile IoT Alliance. As per the tweet, IoTeX will provide a lot of solutions, such as a 3D facial identification machine based on blockchain and much more. Additionally, IoTeX will also present its suite of IoT offerings in upcoming member gatherings hosted by the China Mobile IoT Alliance.

Theta Network Launches First Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Built on Theta Blockchain

As decentralized exchanges are in demand nowadays, Theta Network launched its first decentralized exchange (DEX), ThetaSwap, built on the Theta blockchain. According to the tweet, it will allow users to exchange their newly-created TNT20 tokens built on the Theta blockchain in a trustless, non-custodial way. Additionally, the team is also planning to launch wrapped Theta tokens (similar to wETH or wBTC) for DeFi protocols in the future.

Interestingly, DEXs are powered by liquidity pools. Total Volume Locked (TVL) is measured by the value of assets deposited into the exchanges’ smart contracts. According to DeFi Pulse, Uniswap is the leader in the decentralized exchange category as it holds over $3.65 billion in locked assets.

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