Top Crypto News: 02/24

After undergoing a sharp correction, Bitcoin is making an upside movement and is trading close to $48,626. Square, the financial company led by Jack Dorsey, accumulating another $170 million worth of Bitcoin to its portfolio is being touted as one reason for the recent price uptick. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,591.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Fuse Teams up With Mintgate To Boost Studio Features and Empower Content Creators

Fuse Network integrated Mintgate to leverage a token-gating system for content access management. Moreover, Mintgate empowers content creators to make the content of their choice on its blockchain-based application which is available to token holders. In addition, Mintgate users can choose Fuse Network as a platform to manage their content. Users can also use any ERC token on the Fuse blockchain or the FUSE token. Additionally, in the near future, Fuse users can also get access to Mintgate for the studio plugin.

Alameda Research Acquired $35 Million Stake in the Fantom Ecosystem

Alameda Research announced its launch of a $35 million stake in the Fantom ecosystem. As per the tweet, this collaboration consists of the Fantom core team uniting Solana, Serum, Raydium, and other cross-chain products. Moreover, Alameda is a leading research and trading firm with decades of experience in building some of the most advanced trading systems. This coalition will also join the incentives between Alameda and Fantom to drive towards a cross-chain ecosystem with other platforms. Additionally, to enhance the network’s security, Alameda Research will also run a validator node on top of the Fantom Opera mainnet.

Balancer | Aave Partnership To Develop Low Gas Cost Balancer V2 Asset Manager

Balancer partnered with Aave to build the first Balancer V2 Asset Manager. Due to high transaction gas fees, it’s very costly to swap tokens. Hence, Balancer V2 offers great features to trade at a low transaction cost. Further, it does not require wrapping or unwrapping, and it will attain the most gas-efficient way for LPs to earn extra yield without added costs to swaps. Collaboratively, they are also working on a lot of new initiatives such as the AAVE/ ETH safety incentive pool, which allows LPs to earn rewards in both AAVE and BAL while securing the protocol. Additionally, the team is also doing research about new money markets and using tokens on Balancer V2 as collateral in Aave.

Golem Teamed up With Polygon To Design Low-Cost Transaction Payment Driver

Golem collaborated with Polygon to launch a new payment driver. Moreover, Polygon is an easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. According to the tweet, the team will solve the Golem network’s high transaction fee and latency issues. This new Golem platform, named Yagna, is modular and flexible to implement multiple payment drivers. In addition, the developers will also receive rewards and bounties to build this integration. Additionally, this payment driver implementation will help to observe how developers outside of the Golem Factory Payments team will manage the modularity of Yagna. This will help to enhance the Golem network and to make it a flexible platform.

World Weather Online | Chainlink Bringing High-Quality Weather Data To Blockchains

The last bit of crypto news on our list is World Weather Online, which is bringing high-quality weather data to the Chainlink blockchain. Moreover, World Weather Online provides the most reliable and up-to-date weather reports around the globe. With this partnership, the team will integrate their weather data on-chain using blockchain oracles. In addition, these oracles validate and broadcast external data on behalf of the smart contract using unique cryptographic signatures. With this integration, smart contract developers will get access to premium on-chain weather data metrics such as forecasts, rainfall, wind speeds, snowfall, ocean tides, and much more.

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