Insolar Assured Ledger Progressing Towards v2.0 Release

The Insolar team recently released a report on the Insolar Assured Ledger and its developments as part of the platform’s April update.

As an open-source blockchain platform powered by distributed trust, the Insolar Assured Ledger report covers several updates. These include the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on their operations, platform developments, the partnership with the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP), etc.

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic

According to the reported shared by Insolar in a Medium blog post, the team has been focusing on a slew of developmental work while the pandemic continues its worldwide impact.

Known as an infrastructure for track-and-trace application, the Insolar team can be of use if further pandemics were to arise. This application would help in the improvements in supply chain visibility, by helping to understand the impact of disruptions. In the long-run, it can even help to prevent the rapid spread of pandemics such as the Coronavirus.

It is pertinent to note that Insolar had to delay some of the announcements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, Insolar announced a joint test-bed project in April related to energy from renewable distributed sources that is available in the current electrical power. This project will establish the optimum management of the flow and exchange of energy through Insolar’s distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Development of Insolar Assured Ledger

Furthermore, there has been major progress by the Insolar team concerning the development of its Assured Ledger™ DLT platform. The team has been working together to prepare for its version 2.0 release.

The Insolar blog post gave details on the design of the new version release. Its key features would include:

  • Basic functionality of smart contracts combined with new architecture
  • No application-oriented logic
  • Different amount of nodes

In addition, the Insolar team has been working on “a headless network” mechanism. This network will be used to gauge the effectiveness of Insolar’s consensus mechanism in various scenarios. Besides, this mechanism will be responsible for the collection of statistics. These statistics will, in turn, show the workings of the consensus mechanism and this would be used to create data-based reports.

Readers will remember we had earlier carried the news of unrest in the Insolar community that the INS to XNS swap had primarily triggered.

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