Would you like to find out what’s spotlight all about? Then, get ready for a wide array of top actors in the cryptocurrency space.  Altcoin Buzz places a spotlight with interviews of top developers, CEOs, influencers. As well as upcoming Bill Gates and Steve Jobs or Erlich Bachman’s of the Crypto & Blockchain Space.

In this section, we cover the opinion of big shots who have a lot to say about the future of Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain. We pay attention to the opinion of everyone who has a strong stance on the future of cryptocurrencies. These include John McAfee (McAfee Dex), Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV), Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple), Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and many more.

Find out what they have to say about the future of Bitcoin, BTC price and altcoin movements.

Do they believe that Bitcoin will take over the world? Let’s find out.

Epic Meta AMA Altcoin Buzz

Epic Meta AMA with Project Lead Leonard Wee

Epic Meta has an agreement with Esports teams around the globe to release licensed digital collectibles and dApps to bring utility to these NFTs. The...
top 5 coins may 2022

Top 5 Coins to Look Out for in May-June 2022

May 2020 started hoping that we might just have found the bottom of this prolonged bear market. However soon, disaster struck us. UST, the...
Ethereum EIP-1559

2 Possible Reasons Why Ethereum Gas Fees Went So High

If you ever wanted to purchase an Ethereum-based NFT, you would have to pay a transaction fee to register it on the blockchain. That...
Geojam AMA with Altcoin Buzz

Geojam AMA with Sam Krichevsky and Sarah Figueroa

Geojam is a social engagement platform that provides meaningful, and passion-fuelled engagement between content creators and fans. The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya...
Thorwallet AMA AltcoinBuzz

THORWallet AMA with CGO Pedro Lopez

THORWallet DEX is a non-custodial wallet that makes it possible for users to swap native crypto-assets across chains. As well as, earn passive income...
Altcoin Buzz AMA BinStarter

BinStarter AMA With Communications Director Mihir Magudia

BinStarter is a decentralized insurance protocol that possesses a mining-style approval mechanism that brings both projects and liquidity providers together. The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz,...
Wanchain AMA With Li Ni and Dr. Weijia Zhang

Wanchain AMA With Li Ni and Dr. Weijia Zhang

Wanchain is an infrastructure that connects the decentralized financial world. The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the Wanchain AMA session on our Telegram...
ECIO AMA Altcoin Buzz

ECIO AMA With Community Director Robert

ECIO is an action-adventure galaxy battle game that leverages NFT and the play-to-earn (P2E) model. The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the...
Ritestream AMA Altcoin Buzz

Ritestream AMA With CEO and Founder Riaz Mehta

Ritestream is an ecosystem for funding, monetizing, and distributing film content via blockchain technology and NFTs. It’s a curated filmverse in Web3. The General Manager...
Hololoot AMA Altcoin Buzz

Hololoot AMA with COO Maciej Szafarczyk

Hololoot is an augmented reality (AR) NFT generator, marketplace, and Metaverse created for widespread adoption. The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the...