Oracle selects NOIA Network for partner network

NOIA network has announced a strategic partnership with Oracle. The network is now part of the Oracle Partner Network; a group of notable firms focused on creating and retailing cloud-based software.

According to reports, the partnership is expected to drive awareness and adoption of the NOIA network. The partnership will facilitate the listing of NOIA on Oracle Cloud. Subsequently, opening the platform to adoption by Oracle’s over 25 million cloud users. NOIA will also enjoy several other benefits stimulated by the partnership. Some of these benefits include;

  • Better awareness as the platform will have access to collaborate with Oracle sales VPs.  
  • NOIA will enjoy better marketing support and public relations.
  • The partnership will also open up the platform to Oracle’s top-notch engineering teams.

According to NOIA, this strategic partnership with Oracle is a step in the right direction to facilitating global relevance and adoption.

Speaking on the partnership, Oracle pointed out that all its partners are well-placed, reliable, and trusted. Adding that NOIA doesn’t fall short of any of these characteristics. And that they look forward to the platform “building, selling and providing value-added services for Oracle technology”.

How it all began

The collaboration started earlier this year. NOIA was invited to and subsequently joined the Oracle for Startups program. Joining this program has proven to be the foundation of the strategic partnership being announced today. Following the inclusion of Oracle for the Startups program, NOIA had access to Oracle’s engineering and administrative teams. Enjoying feature set guidance, product development strategies amongst several other important inputs.

The selection to become one of Oracle Partner Network is a step in the right direction to achieving global awareness. One of the major features of this partnership is NOIA selling its platform to the Oracle cloud base. Subsequently ensuring adoption and usage by Oracle’s large cloud consumer base. Becoming an Oracle Partner Network will make adoption seamless and easy while spiking interest in the network-as-a-solution platform.

According to NOIA, working with the Oracle team has been a great experience. Adding that the team is both diligent, creative, and professional. The NOIA ecosystem looks forward to yet another “fruitful step in our journey together”.

More on the partnership

It is important to note that the NOIA platform will be accessible via Oracle’s Marketplace. This means that Oracle will be actively involved in driving global adoption. All billing will be done via Oracle, payment backend gateway will ensure that payments will furthermore promote NOIA token demand.

There’s also a high chance of the platform seeing huge enterprise adoption in about 12 months from its launch date.

We recently listed NOIA as one of the 5 low market cap altcoins to watch out for. Currently, NOIA is trading at $0.081820 with a 24-hour trading volume of $631,086. NOIA price is up 34.6% in the last 24 hours.

NOIA has put plans are in place to partner with other top-notch cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, and IBM. NOIA tech is about 15% away from completion with total focus on building technology with “true, real-world adoption”.

About NOIA

NOIA Network, according to reports, is interested in providing a reliable, secure, and faster internet experience. Providing the most efficient data path while avoiding any area of congestion. This subsequently drastically reduces jitter and packet loss.

Earlier in June 2020, we covered updates expected on NOIA Platform.



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