Binance Widget on Brave Browser

Brave Browser has unveiled the integration of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance widget across all desktop devices. This will enable Brave users from seamlessly accessing the exchange to buy, trade, and receive crypto assets directly on the new tab page.

According to the announcement, the newest update (version 1.8) comes with these new features on Brave’s general desktop browser. Incidentally, the Nightly desktop had been offering a preview version along with a beta version for testing since March.

Notably, Brave users can now easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies supported by Binance. Additionally, users get the option to trade on both the and Binance.US platforms. Also, they can view their balances, obtain deposit addresses, etc. from the comfort of their browser.

Binance increasing crypto adoption

Binance has described the new integration as a step forward for cryptocurrency adoption globally. The exchange also noted that the widget would become available on Brave’s mobile platforms later in the year.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, described the widget as safe and easy to use. “We are looking forward to our long-term partnership with Brave to make it easier to interact with crypto and encourage more utility soon,” he added.

Brave strategy

According to the announcement, the cooperation between Binance and Brave would greatly facilitate crypto access for its more than 13 million users.

Notably, the widget is built directly into the Browser, which automatically guarantees user privacy. It also ensures optimal security, as the only channel of communication with the Binance API is through authenticated user interaction.

Another key feature of the widget integration is that users can opt to disconnect the browser from their account without any fear of it impacting their Binance holdings.

It’s important to note that Brave Browser has committed a lot of resources into creating access for users to crypto-related activities. Apart from its partnership with Binance, cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has said it would add support for Brave Browser’s BAT token.

Although Google Chrome boasts billions of users around the world, Brave is closing the gap daily.


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